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Presentation Guidelines

Video projectors and personal computers are available in the symposium rooms where Microsoft Power Point 2010 and Acrobat Reader will be installed. Speakers may use their own laptop computer. In this case, please contact the session staff before the session so you can test your equipment.
The presentation files uploaded prior to the conference will be stored on the provided session computers. However, we recommend to bring a backup copy on a USB-Drive with you.

You are kindly invited to turn in a short author’s information sheet together with your final paper. This information will be handed to the session chairmen for properly introducting you to the audience. The timeslot per presentation is set to 20min of talk and additional 5min for questions and discussion.

For new presenters, please consider taking a look at the following pieces of advice:

  • Face the audience, you are talking to and for them
  • Talk loud enough, try to speak slowly and as clearly as possible especially if English is not your native language
  • Use readable fonts in your presentation, not smaller than TimesNewRoman 14pt or equivalent
  • Use your slides for drawings, graphs, photos, schemes, tables, lists, etc. Do not use long plain-text sections or copied text parts from your paper!
  • Do not recite long full-text sections from your slide – your audience does know how to read
  • Give your audience enough time to follow, usually this means: number of slides < minutes of talk time!